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Secretary 819 Purdy Street
Brookshire Masonic Lodge, #1066 Brookshire, Texas 77432
P.O. Box 161
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Elected Officers
Worshipful Master Brandon Kallmeyer WorshipfulMaster@Brookshirelodge  .com
Senior Warden Juan Mendoza SeniorWarden@Brookshirelodge  .com
Junior Warden David Boedeker JuniorWarden@Brookshirelodge  .com
Treasurer Terry Owens PM Treasurer@Brookshirelodge  .com
Secretary Stan Kitzman Jr. PM Secretary@Brookshirelodge  .com
Appointed Officers
Chaplain Fred McKelvey Chaplain@Brookshirelodge  .com
Marshal Tom Baughn Marshal@Brookshirelodge  .com
Master of Ceremonies Paul Middaugh MasterOfCeremonies@Brookshirelodge  .com
Senior Deacon Brian Stokes SeniorDeacon@Brookshirelodge  .com
Junior Deacon Brian Stokes JuniorDeacon@Brookshirelodge  .com
Senior Steward Jason Drake SeniorSteward@Brookshirelodge  .com
Junior Steward Sandy Dutchak JuniorSteward@Brookshirelodge  .com
Tiler Almir Mesic Tiler@Brookshirelodge  .com
Site Contact:webmaster@Brookshirelodge .com
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